24 Nov 2014

New products

I've recently taken Misterns in a different direction, and turned it into a more design-orientated store (not that it wasn't already). These are some notebooks I whipped up after lacking some well designed one, so after I created a couple for myself and getting requests from friends for some, I've decided to offer them to you! They are what I call Pretentious notebooks. "Pretentious notebooks for perfect people." Just a funny, different pocket-sized notebook, much nicer than a plain one.

These make great stocking stuffers for this Christmas and are only $5 each!

23 May 2014

Shop update

If you've been checking the shop, you'll notice some new pieces. I'm working to create a more eclectic shop and putting more items (instead of just jewellery) into it. My latest additions are the concrete pillows.

23 Nov 2013

New products

iv'e introduced a new shop section to the Misterns store, LIFESTYLE.
This is where all things home decor and arty meet. So far the is only this concrete pillow available for purchase, but I'm working on some more pieces to make LIFESTYLE a substantial component of Misterns.

26 Oct 2013

HUGE shop update coming!

Greetings all. I am currently working on something for my shop, to expand it into something more than just jewellery. I do love creating and selling jewellery, but I can create so much more and have been experimenting for the past few months, new ideas and designs. For those of the experiments that have been a success, I have stored those ideas away and quite a few of them shall be revealed soon. I am having a HUGE shop update (as you can tell from the title) which will inevitably incorporate a large number of these experiments and ideas into one larger, broader store. 
I am looking forward to it, but there's a lot to do. I can't say a specific date that the 'NEW' store will be up and running, but I am aiming for it to be ready before Christmas, so you'll have a chance to do some Christmas shopping, and check out all of our cool new products. I have changed the name of this blog to www.misterns.com, which is what it used to be before it expired last year and I couldn't get it back. We have also created a new Instagram account to accommodate for such a massive change, so you can go and check out out at @themisterns. Be sure to follow us, and if you aren't already, like our Facebook page. This will ensure that you are notified whenever we have a sale, new product or giveaway (you know I do love a good giveaway). All of the links to these will be in the sidebar, so just click on those and it'll take you straight there.Thanks for following me on this journey, and get ready for the future!

12 Oct 2013

FREE Geometric wallpaper

Here's another geometric wallpaper for your computer, just download it and set it to 'tiled' for an endless image.

Here's a close up of the design (original size)
It's grayscale to give it a 3D sort of feel, it looks very sci-fi to me for some reason.

Try it out, and enjoy your weekend!

10 Oct 2013

GIFT GUIDE for her

For the super-prepared of you, I've curated this list of nice Christmas gifts, some of them are a little pricey but definitely unique.  They are ALL from Etsy and ALL from different parts of the world.

1 Oct 2013

NEW Mustard earrings

A new month, a new pair of earrings. Since it's Fall in the northern hemisphere, this colour reminded me of the crunchy leaves scattered throughout America.

Sorry if I've been sparse with the uploading of new products, I have my final exams coming up and have been trying to focus on them.
Fear not however, they conclude on November 6th (my visual arts exam) and then I have all the time in the world to work on Misterns.

Have a great October!

30 Sep 2013

Donut birthday cards

These are just a few cards that I made for birthdays. One with a donut theme, and the others are just simple and can be used for any gift.

They are tiny A6 cards folded in half, about 10.5cm x 7.5cm, perfect for giving gift cards or money. Be sure to print them on card, or thick paper, DO NOT print them on ordinary copy paper.


Make sure you print them borderless, or if your printer doesn't have this function, just make the image a little smaller, don't worry, everything will still be to scale. 
Cut along the black lines and you'll end up with 4 cards. Easy as pie donuts!

Enjoy your Monday!

24 Sep 2013

More earrings

Today I've added a couple more earrings to the shop, in BEIGE and GRANITE.

You can click the link to the store to check them out.

(P.S More DIYs coming, some very geometric ones, and some gift-giving tips)

Have a great Tuesday!

23 Sep 2013

Wallpapers for iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s was recently released here in the wonderful land of Aus, and since mine is on it's way, I thought I better get prepared for it with some custom made wallpapers.


(these will work on all iPhones but they are specially made for iPhone5's screen resolution)