High Quality,
Nice Design &
Everyday Efficacy.

Each product you'll find here is handmade. All done by one person (me) and created uniquely. Due to this process, each item is slightly different bringing with it a new character and effect, that no other will posses.

No two earrings are exactly the same (even when they're part of a pair), no two notebooks are the same (even though they have the same design) and no two concrete pillows are the same (we don't use moulds here). It's all part of the fun of it, and ideal for gifting when you know that person's got everything already We do however follow a strict recipe that we have developed for our skincare, to ensure consistency.

Our items are made to work with the user, on a daily basis. You might not actively use your concrete pillow daily, or wear your earrings every waking moment, but they will never feel old. Our products have been designed so that they fit into any environment, no matter what
the style.